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Our Story

2015: Richard and Chelsea Keehn play their first escape room. They are hooked.

2018: 60 escape rooms now played, and the itch to open their own. With a passion for movies and games, it’s a no-brainer.

Over dinner in July, they discuss the hard reality of starting a business. Richard says, “There’s an escape room conference coming up. I’ll go check it out. See if this is what we need to do.”

Richard goes. On his first day, as he leaves a grocery store, he looks at his rental car and sees a bumper sticker that says “Lokey”.

Richard and Chelsea had come up with the name “Lokey’s” in January 2018 as a wink and nod to Casablanca and Loki.

They take the sticker as a sign of fate. After much prayer, they move forward starting a business from the ground up.

2018: November 1. Lokey’s breaks ground.

2019: February 14. Lokey’s Escape Rooms in Sarasota, FL opens. Lokey’s quickly becomes the region’s highest-rated #1 escape room.

2022: Richard and Chelsea have now played over 200 rooms. A board game, book, portable escape room and new location in South Carolina are in the works.