About Lokey’s

Who is Lokey? Nobody really knows. Lokey is a mystery wrapped in an enigma splashed with whimsy. It goes that many years ago Lokey came to earth to bring fun, adventure and thrills to the masses through story. As a teller of stories, he has a special power whereby people can inhabit the stories he tells. Lokey travelled far and wide for years searching for the best audience to tell his stories to. In his long pursuit, he found you.

Who works for Lokey? That would be Richard and Chelsea. With a passion for movies, screenwriting and games – plus having played over 100 escape rooms — they wrote and designed Lokey’s stories from the ground up. Their mission is Lokey’s mission: to provide highly immersive, always private escape room experiences at an affordable rate.

What is an escape room? At Lokey’s, it’s like stepping into a movie — and you’re the star. Think of Lokey’s “escape rooms” more like themed, immersive experiences where you and your friends and family create fantastic memories as you solve puzzles, decipher clues, and complete challenges in one hour.