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Lokey’s has been Unlocked!

In order to give 100% focus on one-of-a-kind sequels & surprises at our new location in South Carolina, we have exciting news.

Lokey’s has transferred ownership of our Sarasota location to our great friends and amazing designers over at Escape Rooms Unlocked of North Port and Punta Gorda.

We have been uber-fans of the Unlocked family and their designs for years. We are truly honored and humbled to pass the mantle of Lokey’s Sarasota over to them.

While the name will change, you can be certain that whatever Unlocked decides to do with this location will be worth it.

Lokey’s is not going away anytime soon. But we need to end this story to craft an even grander one. This new chapter will allow both Lokey’s and Unlocked to expand in ways that will guarantee memorable experiences unlike anything out there.

Now go and show some love to Escape Rooms Unlocked. And stay tuned for more information about Lokey’s South Carolina.

To be continued…