Lokey’s Rooms


Extra Extra: Startlet Slain on Sunset Strip. Listen up, Gumshoe: Hollywoodland is a black and white place.

The Boulevard chews them up and spits them out. So enter the suspect’s office and get justice for the deceased.

And by the way: There’s no need to adjust the color. This is the hardboiled 1940s, Flatfoot. You’d better get used to it.


From the game box:

Dudes and Dudettes, are you ready for gaming awesomness?!?
Then dig these righteous features:
1-4 player maximum modes!
8-bit radical worlds!
3 tubular difficulty settings!
High score super board!
And so much more!
It’s cowabunga to the extreme!!!
Are you game?!?


As the door pulsates, a vision erupts in your head:

“It’s 1973. Five kids are detained by “The Woman in White.” She takes the children to a secret location. Tests are administered. During these tests, the kids begin to exhibit super human powers. All of a sudden — ”

The vision goes dark. The door continues to vibrate. (note: Detention is not scary)