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Lokey's Escape Rooms

At Lokey’s, it’s like stepping into a movie— and you’re the star.

Think of Lokey’s “escape rooms” more like themed, immersive experiences where you and your friends and family create fantastic memories as you solve puzzles, decipher clues, and complete challenges in one hour.

Dudes and dudettes, are you ready for gaming awesomness?!? Then dig these righteous features: 2-4 player maximum modes! 8-bit radical worlds! Tubular soundtrack! Eye-melting colors! And so much more! It’s cowabunga to the extreme!!! Are you game?!? (note: Press Start is NOT VR. It is an escape room) (Challenge: 7/10. Recommend 2-4 players)

As the door pulsates, a vision erupts in your head:  It’s 1973. Five kids are detained by “The Woman in White.” She takes the children to a secret detention center. Tests are administered. During these tests, the kids begin to exhibit super human powers. All of a sudden —  The vision goes dark. The door continues to vibrate. (note: Detention is creepy. It is not scary.)
(Challenge: 9/10. Recommend 2-6 players)
Extra Extra: Starlet Slain on Sunset Strip. Listen up, Gumshoe. Hollywoodland is a black and white place. The Boulevard chews them up and spits them out. So look like alive because tonight you will get justice for the dead. And by the way — There’s no need to adjust the color. This is the hardboiled 1940s, Flatfoot. You’d better get used to it. (Challenge: 9/10. Recommend 2-6 players)