Lokey’s Rooms


Extra Extra: Startlet Slain on Sunset Strip. Listen up, Gumshoe: Hollywoodland is a black and white place.

The Boulevard chews them up and spits them out. So enter the suspect’s office and get justice for the deceased.

And by the way: There’s no need to adjust the color. This is the hardboiled 1940s, Flatfoot. You’d better get used to it.


The sign says “Closed for Demolition.” You ignore it and walk into the old arcade. Your steps echo on cold cement.

It’s completely abandoned except for one game in the middle of the room. You notice that it’s not plugged in, but the screen still glows.

It beckons you with two flashing words: “INSERT COIN.”  Hesitant, you insert a token…


As the door pulsates, a vision erupts in your head:

“It’s 1973. Five kids are detained by “The Woman in White.” She takes the children to a secret detention center. Tests are administered. During these tests, the kids begin to exhibit super human powers. All of a sudden — ”

The vision goes dark. The door continues to vibrate. (note: Detention is not scary)